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Guruji's 2021 New Year Message

Hare Krishna.

As we draw to the close of a challenging and unprecedented year it is a good time to pause, reflect and project our thoughts and wishes into a brighter future that is free from Fear, Doubt and Procrastination (FDP).

FDP are the main drivers for negative action or inaction. The antidote for FDP: Knowledge and Wisdom. Therefore destroy - using the steel sword of knowledge - any FDP arising or threatening to arise in 2021. The FDP born of ignorance in our heart and mind must be eradicated as and when it surfaces.

Through 2020, participation in the weekly Virtual Dharma Zoom calls has been a suitable way of growing knowledge and wisdom to overcome FDP. This is particularly true for the Dharma Youth Gita Discovery calls where the youth have proven this with overcoming their fears and doubts and have made considerable strides in growing their individual knowledge, courage and confidence to speak out. This kind of progressive growth and development is exactly what we all need to make as we follow Bhagwan’s guidance and receive his blessings.

As light destroys darkness may Mother Lakshmi (the Goddess of Light) cleanse our minds and bodies and grant us strength (bal), knowledge (buddhi) and intelligence (gyan).

Offer your senses, minds and hearts to that ever-flowing supreme power and receive that special grace as you step up to 2021.

With God’s blessings.

Happy New Year.

Satyam Shivam Sundarum.

Your Guruji


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