Virtual Dharma Mandir Notes (May-June)

Hare Krishna Everyone!

During this lockdown, we have used this opportunity to hold virtual Dharma Mandir sessions through Zoom to expand and maintain the community in order of spiritual upliftment. There have been many special guests and pundits who have shared their valuable knowledge through this platform, including the very special Guruji Vyas Sharma and Guru Soam Sharma.

Fortunately, we are blessed that one of our very own Dharma Youth has meticulously spent their time and effort in transcribing all of these sessions, and we owe great gratitude to Sid Mohanty.

Please see below for the summary and for a more thorough transcription, check out the PDF.


Make sure you step into the car that is traveling on the highway of Bhagwan and not on the highway of Maya (illusion). The highway of Bhagwan is the highway of peace and

long-term happiness.

Download PDF • 324KB


These Yogas are pathways. Not the complete objective/goal. They’re just methodologies to lead you towards Bhagwan. Also, they’re not mutually exclusive and they all depend upon each other. For example, you can't say you are a Sanyas Yoga without intellect (Jñāna Yoga).

Download PDF • 302KB


Be gracious. Say ‘thank you’ towards the important and significant things in life rather than insignificant things such as money etc. We must also be thankful for what we have now because we will never get it again. Do not neglect an opportunity when you have it. When you can make good, then make good.

Download PDF • 458KB


Take the dust of your Guru’s feet and cleanse your mind. Cleanse your mind daily. Once cleansed, your mind will then be able to write destiny and clarity of where you are. But if dust is there and you try to scribble, then it won't be good.

Together, if we stand, we can be very powerful. Share our enlightenment with this youth so that we can depart, knowing that all our knowledge and wisdom have been distributed.

Download PDF • 509KB

Keep a lookout as more transcript notes are to come from the previous sessions we have conducted.

As always you can join our zoom sessions through Zoom on 999 318 9999, every Saturday at 5 pm (UK Time).

Satyam Shivam Sundaram


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