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Virtual Dharma Mandir Notes (June - July)

Hare Krishna all,

Since the last update, we have hosted many Zoom sessions which so many knowledgeable individuals have showered their wise words upon those able to watch the meetings. Fortunately for you all, our very own Sid Mohanty was able to transcribe these sessions for you all to have a look.

Please see below for the summary and the PDF, for the in-depth transcription.


The only way to collect anything is to be able to surrender something. You must be able to forgo the past. Let it wash away. Once surrendered, your hands will be free to pick up. Only by the good deeds & grace of Bhagwan, all misfortunes and ignorance will be cleared. Cast some light upon my thoughts Bhagwan so that darkness may go away so that I can have clarity of Vision. Do your Japa and Tapa and leave the reward for Bhagwan. If you do this with prem, Bhakti and no expectations, then Bhagwan will be there for you all the time. Make yourself available for Bhagwan and Bhagwan will make himself available for you.

Summary Notes - 27.06.2020
Download PDF • 2.10MB


Let’s pray that Surya Bhagwan gives us happiness joy and prosperity in life and to help others in their journey of life. If you don't prepare yourself to be happy then be prepared to be miserable. Actions must be performed with intelligence. If you don’t do the five right things, then be prepared to face the wrong. Whatever your desire is, sow the seed, then you’ll get the result. Pay attention to your actions and the causes of your actions (what causes you to act that way).

Summary Notes - 11.07.2020
Download PDF • 2.54MB


Make the mind a slave, let it work for you, but don’t show off. Just do your duties and nothing else. So you can either you dispose of it or put it away for future reference or you tell everyone about it. Your response is very important. Where your mind is, that is where you’re living and that is where you're existing. Where you position your mind, that is where you will be, in thought, spirit and deed. So be careful about where you position your mind. So either you’re a living dead as a human, a dead living or a dead person. So make that choice and decide who are you, where your mind is and how you react to certain situations. Good company can only be gained by satsang (good company).

Summary Notes - 18.07.2020
Download PDF • 2.24MB


Whatever you think of most, that you will attract first. If you think negativity, you’ll think of negativity first. You must have a go-to person who will raise you to a higher level (Guru), to whom you can analyse and copy what they're doing. What you think of most, that’s what you’ll become. Whatever you do for someone else and even somebody you dislike, Bhagwan will benefit you and your loved ones. Garbage in, Garbage out. Whatever you put in your mind, it’ll come out. If your thinking is right, then you have nothing to fear.

Summary Notes - 25.07.2020
Download PDF • 2.24MB

As our motto goes "Caring is Sharing", so feel free to share this with your friends and family. As always, we will keep you updated with the latest transcripts.

Don't forget, you can always join us during our weekly Zoom sessions on 999 318 9999, every Saturday at 5 pm (UK Time) to watch it live in action.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram


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