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There are many ways in which you can help us uplift Dharma


We truly appreciate each and every donation. Monetary donations can be made at the Mandir or online.

All donations received will go directly to the daily maintenance of the Mandir so that we can continue to support our community.


We welcome all volunteers at the Mandir to assist with events and general upkeep. 

Any form of Seva is welcomed!


If you want to help, but don't know how, please feel free to contact us for advice.

गुरु पद पंकज सेवा तीसरि भगति अमान।

Guru Pada Pankaj Seva, Teesri Bhagati Amaan

Selfless service to the Guru’s lotus feet without any pride is the third form of devotion.


Dharma Mandir is a Registered Charity No. 1142921

Click the below button to donate via PayPal

Or via bank transfer: 

 Dharma Mandir 

 Account number: 43278697 
 Sort Code: 202977 
 Reference: Your Name 

Or credit/debit card payment via the phone by contacting Ashok at:

(+44) 7773 327464

श्री कृष्ण अर्पण मस्तु

​Shri Krishna Arpan Mastu



The Mandir relies on its devotees for its upkeeping and funding of events. There are many generous people who have already helped Dharma Mandir keep afloat, and without them, Dharma Mandir would cease to exist. You too can help support the Mandir growth, through your seva. 

From previous donations, we were able to fix the roof of the hall, renovate the kitchen for larger gatherings and refurbish the Mandir. The collective contribution of all individuals is what materialised these achievements.

As Guruji says "Individually we are zero, collectively we are dynamite" 

Through your donations, we can support the daily functions of the Mandir, including maintenance costs, utility bills, fittings and fixtures. Alongside costs for puja saman and food for catering at functions. If you would like to donate food or sponsor events, feel free to contact us. 

Every help counts in growing the Dharma spirit. 

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