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Guruji Krishna Janamashtami Message

Hare Krishna all, 

I have this notion that we are somewhat lost, trying to find our duties and responsibilities at this special and unique moment of Sri Krishna Janamashtami. Every one of us has our reason how, when, where, and why we should celebrate this special occasion.

Some Observations:-

We have this nature and belief that what the right hand does the left hand should not know about.

We feel the need to keep our happiness and our sorrows hidden as far as we can. We are not really proud of our Custom, Tradition and Family Heritage. We feel hesitant to let others know of our success and our achievements. We do not sincerely value our condition and our position - achieved or achievable. We take the actions that others expect, measuring our achievement according to their Values. In doing so, we surrender our values and respect that of others.

Some Comments:-

Where is Reality? Where is Truth?  Where is Sincerity? Where is Honesty? Where is God?

    Where is Our DHARMA principles of caring and sharing?

    How are we letting others learn from our Achievements?

    Where is our Legacy, our Gift to Creation?

    Where is the Start, where is the middle and where is the end position?

My thoughts:- "Be true to yourself" :

    Declare what Lord Krishna Avatar has meant to you?

    Declare what Lord Krishna Avatar is to you now?

    Declare what Lord Krishna Avatar will mean to you?

Let us take this opportunity of Janam Ashtmi, to be born again ( DWIJ ) in the kingdom of Bhagvan Narayan :-

  • With Clarity of Thought, Vision and Action

  • With a Heart of Thankfulness and Gratitude, acknowledging the Grace and Presence of God

  • With a Desire, Determination, And Hope to accomplish our Purpose Here and Hereafter

Narayan, Narayan, Bhajuman, Narayan.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram 

- Guruji 


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