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Quotes From Guruji - Satsang

Sat Sang Se Laab Hota Hain Aur Kusang Se Haani

This saying was taught to the youth of Dharma by Guruji in the youth yatra of 2017. The literal translation of this was that with good company you will prosper and with bad company, you will be destroyed.

Whilst this is a simple teaching, not many people realise when they are in bad satsang. In the same token, not many people know when they are in good satsang, as a result, they are not able to receive the blessings and knowledge present.


Many are called few are chosen

It is not about the quantity but the quality of individuals.

This saying was often applied in circumstances where there are not many individuals. Instead of highlighting the lack of individuals, we focus on the importance of the few. There is a reason as to why individuals are located in a time and place and when put in these circumstances we have realised the importance of it.

We were chosen for this location and what do we make out of this? There are many occasions where there are masses of individuals, however, what is the impact that is received?

Surround yourself with good company

We are like sponges, where we absorb the influence we are surrounded by.

Through association alone, that can reflect what situation we can find ourselves in. A good company can uplift you whilst a negative company can undermine you. Make value of the satsang you keep

United we stand, divided we fall

This motto has been used by many various forms of alliances in different organisations. In this case, it is highlighting the importance of unity.

Many of us can be driven by ego, believing we are capable of doing anything by ourselves. Of course, the reality that we are not invincible can hit us hard. A problem shared is a problem halved - do not think of yourself as someone who does not need to rely on others as may find yourself falling. Stand strong with the support of others.

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