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Quotes from Guruji - Action

"Kuch Karna Chahiye - We Need To Do Something"

If the mind is not kept busy doing something, dreaming about something, working towards a long term goal then we will be stuck in a vicious cycle of inactivity.

If we are kept idle in our lives then as time passes, we are wasting and losing out in life since there will be many missed opportunities passing in the meantime.


"The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift" ~ Bill Keane

This is why it's called the present. The time we have available in this life is the most valuable. We should make most of the present, as the saying goes “Carpe Diem” - Seize the day.

Although we go through many janams (lives), we will never go through the same exact moment we are in right now. As one of the Dharma Mandir devotees (Rishtee Kowlessur) say “Are you in this moment?” - don’t over dwell in the past or spend your head in the cloud thinking about the future. Reflect on how you are making the most of the time you are in right now!


"If you don't do something, something will do you"

It is often easy in life to find yourself not finding the will to action goals, and so as individuals we rely on distractions as the tasks themselves can be overwhelming.

However, doing nothing will lead to nothing and sometimes it will lead to unfavorable consequences. The law of diminishing marginal returns


"If you don't use it you lose it ~ The Post Office"

Guruji often tells the story of Mr. Hardtime. In this short story a wife says that she is saving up for hard times but the husband wants to use the money. She continues to save until one day a man knocks on her door. She asks him what his name is, he says “Mr. hardtime” , instinctively, she says “okay here is your money”.

The moral of the story is that if you don't use what you have, it will get taken away. You must make the best use of what you have at the current scenario otherwise, it will be taken away.

This saying encourages us to look at our assets and assess what we can do to better our lives, what assets are left derelict and how can we better use them?


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